Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 34

Some of you know that John's mom, Janet, is moving to Salt Lake from Koosharem. Yesterday in the afternoon two of my sister-in-laws and myself drove down to Koosharem to help her start packing. It was so nice to have a little girl road trip. It is about a 3 hour drive. When we arrived Janet had dinner waiting for us. It was delicious. Cantaloupe and a great homemade soup.

We dug in right way packing video tapes, dvd's, cd's, pictures and a whole library full of books. John's dad Bill was an avid reader and collector of knowledge. He has books from all areas of life, from travel to science, English to novels, biographies to skills he wanted to learn. I was so excited when John's sister Anne came across a handwriting analysis book. John has been so curious about that subject over the years and wanted to know more about it. I was lucky when Janet told me to take it home. We packed into the night. Well I didn't. the sister made me go to bed at 10 o'clock. It was a good thing because when I laid my head down I think I was out in 10 seconds. It didn't last long, I was up 3 times in the night and finally just got up at 5am. but what I did sleep was great.

We dug right in and packed more today. I think we packed something like 75 boxes. Much more to still pack but at least it is a start. I love these girls and I am so glad to have gone along. I got my mind off of things for 24 hours. It was good.

When I came to the hospital today after getting back to Salt Lake I found Nicole in her "transformer" bed. She was sitting up albeit asleep. I talked to her and soon she woke up. I was happy to see her and I told her I was back. I asked her if she missed me and she shook her head no. She didn't even realized I was gone. Well I guess that is good. I wouldn't want her to be needing me and me not be able to be there.
The MRSA on her neck is looking better. At least one of her infections is responding to antibiotics. Nicole's stats are better today, too. Ia m so grateful to the staff here. They are all so supportive and kind. They look out for every little thing. If it hadn't been for the very observant nurse a few days ago the MRSA on Nicole's neck might have goon un-noticed for a while longer and continued to go untreated. The doctors don't come in everyday so the nurses are the patients first line of contact. If the nurses don't catch something it may be awhile before a doctor actually see the patient. Again so grateful to the nurses here.
I am so pleased that Nicole is tolerating sitting up more. She sleeps through it but it has cut down on her coughing and secretions there fore helping to clear her lungs.
More balloons have showed up in Nicole's room today. They are so colorful. It really brightens things up to see them. I know she appreciates then also. I see her watching them dance as the air conditioning moves them about. I wonder if she wished she were as free as the balloons?


Sarah Carlston said...

So glad you got a little break away with Anne and Kess! Wish I could be there to take you away for a girls day out!

Glad to hear her MRSA is getting better!

Angi said...

I was glad to get way too. I wish it could been with you too. So glad you are just a phone call away. Love you.