Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 45

Nicole's fever is mostly gone today. Good sign. She has rested better today which is also a good sign. As you know healing happens when we sleep. Dr. Saffel came in again to see her sites during dressing changes. He said they looked kind of soupy so they changed her dressings again to another kind to try and help dry those out. The graph site on her abdomen is looking great but her left arm is still a concern. There are areas that look as thou the graph may not take.

I am so happy Nicole can speak a little more. He voice really isn't getting any stronger yet but my skills of lip reading are not as refined as I am sure she wishes they would be. We both get frustrated when I can't do my job of reading lips.

They got Nicole in the cardiac chair today. First day since surgery. That is so great. I think she likes to be up and able to see better once the pain lessens from getting into that position. She has been in the chair for about 3 hours. Sleeping most of the time. She will be going to bed soon and then not long after that bedded down for the night. Which entails, hand and arm splints, medication, getting her situated with pillows around her, her feeding pouch full of liquid food, and a few other things.

Sweet dreams Sweet Nicole.

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