Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 43

I spent the night at the hospital again. Some nights it just draws me there. I wonder if I am there on the nights she needs me most.

Yesterday Nicole's nurse was Shaun. He is always so careful with her. Nicole needed extra pain medicine several times. He was so good about keeping on top of it. At one point we found out that she was not supposed to be rolled from side to side and the two previous days the nurses were turning her. It really upset Nicole to think that her new graphs may not take now. Shaun was there to comfort her. He said, " There is someone greater than all the nurses and doctors here and you have to have faith that He knows what is going on at all times. He could, if He wanted heal you in an instant. We all just need to exercise the faith that He knows best and will do the best by us. When you need something and no one is here to help you all you need to do is close you eyes and pray and He will help you. Shaun also remembered this quote he thought by Russell M. Nelson. "That it doesn't matter the position the person is in when they pray, it is the prayer itself." Shaun told Nicole even laying on her back to just close her eyes and He will be there listening.

Then Nicole said, "When I am alone and I need a nurse but I can't reach the button, I pray and when I open my eyes there is always a nurse there.'

Nicole has needed 4 units of blood today. Nicole's bone marrow has stopped working. That is why she has needed so many blood transfusions. Dr. Morris says that in many traumatic cases like Nicole's, that happens. Most of the time the marrow will spontaneously start working. I hope that is the case for Nicole.

She is running a fever again this afternoon and evening. It is quite high so they are taking it every 10 minutes. Her voice is getting stronger. It is quite and it tires quickly still but that is improving.


4kelligirl said...

Nicole seems to have a perfect faith, Angi. She not only has the sweet child-like faith she was born with but she has developed an incredible grown-up faith which I attribute to the love, nurturing and acceptance she has received in your home. You are LOVED!

Dianne Weeks said...

How wonderful for you to be able, now, to hear her voice, and for her to be able to talk to you! I think of her every day! My Nicole called today and is as anxious as Glen and I are to visit, whenever you feel the time is right and it wouldn't be too hard on her. I told her I'd check with you. We send much love and prayers.

Tamalee said...

What an inspiring story and nurse. Always remind Nicole that the Lord knows her personally and is right by her side. You probably play her music in the room. Hymns are so comforting. Love you!