Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 28

Last night John I stayed very late at the unit. We couldn't bring ourselves to leave. So many things were going on. Nicole was having a hard time breathing. The nurse was coming n every 15 minutes or so to suction her trach and her mouth. Her blood sat was dangerously low. Her lips were blue. For hours we thought this might be it. John and I prayed with Nicole for her to be able to sleep well and whatever needed to be done would be done to make her feel more comfortable.

I was talking to my friend Shelley and speaking of my dread for Nicole's birthday to come. I was affraid that she would die on her birthday. Shelley gave me a piece of peace. She said, " If she passes away today it will be like she is born twice on the same day". John and I sat there stunned. What joy that statement brought me. Even if it didn't happen on her birthday it would be a rebirth. What comfort.

Nicole started to relax and her breathing was not as labored. Her blood sat came up and her lips pinked up. Our prayer was answered.

When we came to the unit today she was resting peacefully. We were very excited to have our friends, Teresa and Tim, from Wichita, Kansas meet us at the unit today. They flew in for their annual vacation in Park City. It was really good to see and feel of their love for us. They brought a card and a blanket made by Sister Austin from Wichita. Thank you so much for the love you show us.

Our daily update on Nicole: she is spiking a fever again. She has had a fever for 2 days. Now she has a bacteria in her lungs (not pneumonia) and a bladder infection. So many things to fight. Her stats from last night are more stable. She is on 3 more antibiotics.

Nicole's face is very red still and still healing but it is looking much better now that the scabs are diminishing and the swelling is nearly gone.

The alarm just went off on my phone reminding me that today was going to be Nicole's birthday party. She had invited her cousins and a few friends to go to Color Me Mine. It is a ceramics shop where you paint individual pieces. They then fire the piece for you and it is ready to pick up a few days later. Dinner next and a movie. Nicole had ordered her birthday cake from Dippedee's is Lehi. It was so cute. Maybe one day we will plan it again.

We have 2 23 year olds now, Christian turning 24 next month. And if you count Elisabeth (our German exchange student) we have 3 23 year olds. It is kinda fun to have kids the same age. Christian doesn't like it but Nicole loves it.

John is going home tomorrow. I am sad. I am lost. I will miss him more than you know. I know he will miss me. I know I am strong but I am stronger when we are together. We make a united front. We are a team. We can do anything together. Nothing can stop us. We are one.


Sarah Carlston said...

I feel like I havent talked to you forever...even though it has only been 1 day??? Maybe 2? I am sorry yesterday was hard for you! We continue to pray that you will have the strength you need to get through your day! Sorry John is leaving....hopefully you will get to see him soon! I know how hard it is for you to be apart!

We love you!

Stephanie Headley said...

You constantly amaze me Angi. The eternal perspective on things sure does make trials easier to go through....not easy, but easier. Our family prays for you nightly. You are on our minds often. Here is my virtual (((HUG)))!!! We love you guys! So nice that you were able to see the Walwebers. That is wondeful, and the the Murphys soon. At least someone will be there while John is gone, at least some of the time. God bless you always, and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Angi said...

Thanks for the love sent our way. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. When you live life you don't always look at how the gospel affect us. I try to be mindful each and every day but life happens. So many times I catch myself stopping and pondering how "this" fits into the gospel plan. "This" can be anything for anyone. Right now "THIS" is where we are today. Living in the hospital, remembering all the little things, wonder what God's plan is for us, trying to make others here feel loved. I can't do alot but I can do that.

Robin A. May said...

Angi: You are my hero. I cannot imagine the strength you must have. Every day I read your blog and it actually strengthens me and my testimony of the Gospel. Dear, sweet Nicole is very blessed to have a family such as yours that loves her so deeply and cherishes her every breath. You all remain in my prayers. Love, Robin May

scraps said...

I like Stephanie's virtual hug, so here is mine (((HUG)))!!! Somehow, God gives us the strength we need for each trial. You both are amazing! We love you and pray for your family.