Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 16

Miss Nicole has had a pretty good Sunday. Her blood pressure still has issues but she was off the vent for 4 hours today. John and I called several times to get updates from the nurses all while our visitors gave us updates too.

She had a few visitors.

Anne and Rich went to see her. Nicole seemed happy to see them. Reaching out her arms to them. Giving hugs with her eyes. The spoke with her and she in turn used her non verbal skills.

G-Ma and G-Pa Pinder also visited. She tried her best to communicate with them but with a tube down your throat it is not so easy. She was in quite a bit of pain when they were there so Nicole nurse needed to give her an extra dose of pain medication. It was reported when they left the nurse had to call them back because Nicole became very agitated. The nurse was hoping they could talk to Nicole and calm her down. It work. Within 10 minutes she was asleep.

Aunt Lisa also came from St. George and stayed for a while. This was her first visit to see Nicole. Nicole and her have a special bond.

Nicole does sleep most of the time still which it the best thing for her. It is kind of like a new baby. Their eyes are awake but not really focusing trying to find a familiar sight to focus on. then with in moments you look at them again and they are fast asleep.

The love and prayers that are attending us at this time is felt daily. We are feel blessed by the out pouring of love and compassion sent our direction. May God bless each of you that read our blog. May you feel of our love also.

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Urban and Ardella Gathman said...

Nicole, John, Angi and Chritian;
We love you all. We want you each to know you are never alone. We hope it lightens your burden to know we are praying for you. We pray for you Nicole, to be healed and fully restored to health and family. For John, Angi and Christian to continue to display your love and faith as you have for the past 18 days. You are an inspiration to us and we are humbled as you show your faith and soul supporting Nicole. We appreciate your family as we have come to know you and are thankful for what you have done for us and our family. We are here for you:
An ear to listen,
A hand to hold,
A heart to share,
A friend who cares.
Don't hesitate to call.
May God continue to bless you,
Urban and Ardella Gathman