Friday, July 24, 2009

I felt displaced 7 23 09

Moving all Nicole's stuff into our room and moving our stuff around I felt like a guest in my own room.
Upstairs Christian has moved in and taken over the upstairs.
Selling the Wichita house to downsize and pay off taxes that were not paid while using the funds for Nicole and paying bills to climb out of debt.
I had weird feeling of being displaced in every place but in my two clinics. It was unnerving and I had to sit and think about it. Then on the way to go to the hospital to snap out of it I had to exercise gratitude.
I was grateful to a neighbor who mowed my lawn.
I was grateful to see Nicole and that she was there when I came from Wichita.
I was grateful we had gotten our bedroom and closet arranged the way it needed to be for all concerned.
I was grateful to celebrate Christians Birthday early so I could be here.
I was grateful that Christian had moved home to help and us to help him.
I was grateful for the delicious dinner brought over.
I was grateful for the patients that had come today
I was grateful I had replaced my thoughts being played in my head. I liked this collection of stories better.


Anonymous said...

Our hearts are reaching towards yours. Bless all of you! If there is anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to tell us.
You all are very special to us!

Jason,Crys & Brennan Commerford

John & Lora Winder said...

We received notification of your heartbreaking experience from Kelli, and we express our sincere love and care for your family. We're here for you, and can be at your side in a matter of minutes if you need us.