Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 13

I SLEPT! Wow, I had almost forgotten how good it feels to get 8 hours sleep. I guess my body finally gave in to it. I woke up at 8am and I might have slept longer but my phone rang. (Dang-it). I did not see the sunrise today but I am grateful for the sleep I was blessed with.

After morning prayers I hurried to get ready and head to the hospital. Heading out the door I realize I have no wallet. I search and I search but cannot find it any where. Well I have to leave without it I guess. I hope I don't need it on the way and the snack cart lady take pity on me and let me eat a lot of snacks off the snack cart.

Upon arrival at the University Hospital today there was a gizzillion cars and people. What do you know...the day I sleep in is the day of the ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for the new part of the hospital. The up side....I got a free T-shirt and they had free food on each floor so people would go to each floor and look at the new additions.
Floor B - Cool water with oranges, lemons and strawberries in the
water. Chocolate cookies and coconut fudge.
Floor 1 - Water bottles and Frisbees
Floor 2 - Cut up veggies and a cheese and cracker area
Floor 3 - Eclairs, chocolate dipped strawberries, butter cookies
Floor 4 - (the floor we are on) Chicken Satay, Peel and eat Shrimp,
mini quiches, bread with tapanade as well as bread with
a really delish cheese spread.

I don't know about Floors 5 and 6 because by the time I gathered from those floors I was satisfied. God truly blessed me today. He knew I wouldn't survive on the cart snack food. I guess if I had to loose my wallet today was the best day to do it on.

Nicole's fever is higher today. 103.5 now. She has an infection going on on her trunk. The started her on another antibiotic. Dressing changes happened today as well and getting new splints on both arms. That is when they saw the infection.

Nicole has had a quieter day today. She was quite combative this morning so they had to tie her down again but she has been sleeping more today. Probably because of her fever.

I was rubbing her head today. Head rubbing in our family is wanted by all. The kids, growing up, always wanted John and I to lay by them and rub their heads at night. I can only rub her toes and head so today it was head day. The memories of it all flooded my mind and I just wanted to crawl up in bed with her and hold her close, snuggle, rub her head and have her fall asleep in my arms. I laid my head close to hers on the pillow. I could feel the heat coming from her head but that is okay. This nearness is all I wanted. Rubbing her head felt more like Christian's summer doo because she is shaved. No running my fingers though her soft thin hair but having her close was priceless.

Over all she is having a better day today for which I am grateful. I wish she would just sit up and show me her sweet smile. I wish her half moon eyes would glisten with joy, I wish.....

A few hours after eating I started to feel HOT. Then I felt queasy.I thought maybe it was Nicole's room temp so I stood in the hall for awhile but the feeling didn't go away. They took my temp but it was normal. That is a blessing. Since she was already fighting something I decided I better go home and get some rest. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. Maybe life is catching up with me. Two good parts about going home is.... Knowing even when I am not there she is in the best of hands. We couldn't be more blessed for her to be in the Burn Unit and seeing Christian tonight.


Leesa said...

Angi, I read your updates every day. I'm glad you were able to catch up on your rest.
♥ Hugs ♥

Angi said...

Thanks Leesa. I am glad we got stuck together in Denver. No sleep but still a good time.
Love ya. Angi