Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dad to daughter

John and Nicole have a special relationship. Most dads and daughters do. When younger she would always say she is his bestest bestest friend.

John: Nikki Nikki Timbo no so Rimbo
Nicole: Ooh mauo muchi Gumma Gmma Guchi

It is their own language. (Actually it is from a book)

When ever John talks to Nicole they say this to each other. Repeated and repeated, getting faster and faster. When they are done they laugh. It is so fun to hear them on the phone to each other.

Memory: Our family was at Zion's Nat'l Park. Nicole (2) Christian (3). We love to camp and hike. It is the beginning of the season and there are alot of campers. Nicole is never afraid to talk with anyone. We would find her at the neighbors campsite making her self comfortable by their fire or eating their cereal. We decided to hike Emerald Springs. It is a pretty hike and there are 3 pools/springs along the way. What hikers we have produced. They are scrambling over logs and making their way up the steep and winding trail. We are prepared that by pool one or for sure pool two they will want to return back to camp. OH NO. When we suggested that they wouldn't have anything to do with it. On we pressed. The site of pool three was amazing. So refreshing looking, cool shades of green. Christian found a caterpillar they watched for several minutes. They tried to imitate how it was crawling...Priceless. Our hike down seemed longer than our hike up. Part way down Nicole just couldn't go any further. John picked her up and put her on his shoulders. He hardly took ten steps before she was sound asleep with her head bouncing off his head.

John has instilled a love for nature in both of our children. Hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, star gazing. A sunset never goes unnoticed. A full moon is an event. The rising sun, awe inspiring.


Alicia said...

Thanks for the updates. Thanks for sharing these memories. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Paula Michaelsen said...

I just found out about Nicole. Our prayers are with you. I've tried to get hold of your siblings to find out whats going on but noone answers anywhere. I'll keep checking your blog. The updates are priceless. Love ya, Paula