Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 25

Post op day. Nicole did pretty well today. She has a new kind of feeding tube that is a lot easier on her and her face. Plus they took the staples out of her nose that held the tube in place and it is now being held by a band. Nicole's Blood Pressure is still extremely low but her other vitals are doing well. The team is monitoring the heart rate, her urine out put and systolic rate for consistency to avoid having to re-insert an ART line to control infection. The area around her trach has been bleeding today. Her care givers are quick to remedy that situation.

Nicole had quite a busy day for visiting. Sandra came for a visit. She said she had a great one. We are sorry we missed her this morning. We haven't seen her for a while, it would have been so good to catch up.

Ashley came tonight. She actually sat in the waiting room for 3 hours finishing the birthday present she made for Nicole. Ashley knitted her a blanket that is cream and pink. It is so soft and cuddly. She also gave her a bear that is VERY soft. Something that Ashley and Nicole have been doing together for months is going to sushi on Tuesday nights in Provo. They both love sushi. Ashley made her a coupon for a sushi night when Nicole is better. She also made her many signs that are in Nicole's room. They are bright and smiley with glitter stickers on them. Many words of encouragement like "I am a child of God, I feel my Savior's love, Just believe, I am like a star shining brightly." All on bright yellow paper.

My parents also came for a while on there way home from Idaho. I'm glad they traveled safely. Grandpa drew his signature picture on Nicole's white board.

Susan and Becca also came and had a terrific visit with Nicole. She actually opened her eyes for them. In all the visits they have been here for, Nicole hasn't opened her eyes. Becca told Nicole that she was engaged and Nicole smiled. It lifted their spirits to see her today. They told John she is a fighter. They can see the fight in her.
John is like a rock. He is my constant. When I can't do it any more he just quietly steps in and takes over. He thinks of great questions to ask the doctors and nurses. He loves Nicole so much. He is relentless on making sure that Nicole is getting ALL the right stuff. He stayed last night til very late. He was so worried about her blood pressure. He didn't want to leave her last night. He stays up late researching stuff on the internet or reading. It has been hard on him to not be here through this whole thing.
Sweet Dreams Sissy. See you tomorrow.

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