Friday, July 10, 2009

She's a KEEPER

One of our good friends and probably longest standing friend sent me an email with a link to this song. I couldn't get the link to play on this but here are the lyrics. And her is a link to the website that has the music.


Amid the countless blessings the Lord has given me
The light of truth and goodness; the Holy Spirit's peace
I see the many sorrows that his children must endure
So much hurt I long to heal. How can I change the world?

There are hands I cannot hold
Hearts I cannot comfort
Tears that only miracles can stay
So let me love and serve and teach
Those who come within my reach
For miracles begin that way

The Savior walked in Galilee, unknown in many lands
Yet touching every nation by the labors of his hands
Giving light to all the world by teaching but the few
He is my example in the work that I must do

(Repeat chorus)

I will bear the burden of my neighbor in his need
I will share my Savior's love in every kindly deed
He will magnify my efforts, and I'll understand at last
That by these small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

(Repeat chorus)

Excerpt from her email.

I want to say something that would lift your spirit and your burden, but I’m horrible w/words. Songs out there that can express my feelings and thoughts so much better.

I pulled up this song to listen to again – and my heart immediately went out to Nikki – I don’t know what music she likes, but if I could I would play it for her and for you. I know she is a miracle to you and your family and, although I can’t be there to hold your hand – and I can’t be there to comfort you either. I thought I’d send this on to you so would know my thoughts if I was there.

It is beautiful and it made my day. It brought back memories of little things she would do for others. She loves helping people "just because". Many hours she has crocheted baby blankets, helped sick mothers care for the babies so they could get rest. Had an Easter party for the kids she was baby sitting at the time, all 10 of them, so they would have a fun day. Last summer she raised money to make 1000 build a bears to be donated to the police and firs department for kids who are victims of domestic violence.

She is a KEEPER!

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scraps said...

Very kind words and a great feeling after reading this. What good friends you have. Keeping the prayers going.
Love you guys,