Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 15

Today I am flying to Kansas to meet up with John. We are driving to Utah together. We have a lot to talk about and a lot of decompressing to do. When this this merry-go-round started John and I were together just 36 hours before he had to fly back to Wichita. I feel this next 24 hours will be good for both of us.

Upon arriving at the burn unit this morning Nicole has her eyes open and she is sucking on a small sponge. It helps to keep her mouth wet. Her eyes are open and when she sees me her eyes sparkle. WOW! SO good to see that. I go to her bedside and rub her head. I just want to gather her up in my arms and squeeze her tight.

Within minutes she is back asleep. She looks so peaceful yet so small and hurting.

Her nurses could not take Nicole for a tubby today after all. Her blood pressure was just too unstable. Back on the medication she went. Nicole's temp is down as long as she is on the antibiotic and Tylenol. I don't really like the Tylenol route but I know they have to do that. Nicole is doing the best she can right now. There are times when she is pretty stable and other times things just go haywire. It is a roller coaster.

I am so torn as to going back to Kansas to drive back with John. What if something happens while I am gone. What if she wakes up and wants me. What if...

The emotional turmoil is almost more than I can bear. Each day watching and waiting. I see signs that things are looking up and I turn my head and the whole thing changes.

As I say goodbye to her before I leave to go to the airport I take the time to breath her in. I move her vent over so I can get really close to the head of the bed so I can kiss her good bye. I lay my head next to hers and sing, "You are my sunshine". I tell her I am going to get daddy and we will be back in 36 hours. She nods her head. She is in great hands. Not just the nurses and doctors but God's.

Update from Phoenix airport. Nurses say she is awake again. Nodding to some questions. They also had her breathing on her own for 2 hours and her blood pressure didn't tank. All good news. John's sister Anne also went to see her. She reported she is awake and breathing on her own for 2 hours. Matching reports. I like that.


Sandra McMillin said...

Wow, good news. Enjoy your ride back with John, you need and deserve it. Hang in there and know we are praying for you all daily...Big hugs ~Sandra

Moon Friend said...

Hooray! I hope she's awake and responsive tomorrow when I come by :) Have a safe trip you two!

Katie said...

I'm so glad to hear some good news! I read your posts each day. Hope you know you guys are in my prayers. I put your name in the temple.