Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today 7-11-09 at church

I shared a touching moment with many members who came up to me and hugged me. One particularly caught me off guard when he hugged me I unexpected broke down and his strength filled me with courage.

Comments that have been produced from our discussions were:
Events like this really knit us together.
We lay aside schedules, egos, walls of communication, and in this moment of high emotion we can be taught and brought to remembrance of our faith, our brotherhood and sisterhood, brotherly love, and charity.
The blog has been a real strength to me.
Thanks for doing the blog it has made me feel part of what you are going through.
We have had many occasions with Nicole that has shattered us into fragments.

This has occurred because of events we never would have chosen if we had the choice.
Many players in this game of life come together as hearts are softened, love is taught, and we grow together, and share our burdens, and lift each other up. This thought has been with me for many years since I read a story written by Elder John H Groberg. Elder John H Groberg wrote of a young child in one of the Polynesian Islands – an entire island was brought together in a cause to help this young girl. She died and the question was asked why, for what purpose did all this happen just to see her die.

We have learned and now we can stand strong not shattered as many expect to see us because of those experiences and because of the tremendous number of prayers that are being offered on our behalf. We feel strength and peace. Its easy to want to act wounded and say words that meet expectations not because you chose to but it is so easy to fall into and act in pain but at that time you feel lifted up when you feel like the pain of those wounds is gone and what you have is this peaceful comforted experience. I find a greater need to acknowledge the strength and peace I feel and give thanks for your prayers. The pain comes through when I see and or feel another persons pain who is comforting me and my emotions which are full and high. My eyes flood into tears and I become comforted and I believe you are too. Of course this doesn’t mean if you don’t cry with everyone they don’t have pain, it is just how one soul touches my soul at that moment

The purpose boiled down succinctly into few words (by a friend from Lehi)-

One individual called to comfort me. He tried to find me at church to tell me something he felt impressed to. He told me because he found strength in my thoughts and my beliefs and was ending the conversation after comforting me with experiences he had passed through, by saying call me if you need someone to talk to.
I replied I know I will get through this and if she lives we will get through it or if she dies she will be OK because she will be out of pain and she will no longer have reason to cry. She will be with her loved ones and our Loving Heavenly Father.. But, it would be nice to have the blueprint of how to go through this. Then he told me, "This is not your fault, do not blame yourself or ask what if and why me and do not make it personal. If you do your suffering will be far worse. She doesn’t comprehend it like you do. This is your tutorial to learn patience, for your growth. This didn’t happen for her. it happened for you. You and your wife will be better healers. It isn’t about you, what you have or have not done; it is what you need to learn from it. Please read D&C 123:17.


A day or days passed and he called and asked if I had read that scripture. I hadn’t so he read it to me.

"Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed."

Your comments, your hugs, your physical touch, your time taken from your busy schedules to lift our burden have greatly lifted our spirits.

Because of Prayer

I received a phone call that lead to some very renowned individuals taking time on their Sunday to talk to me from South Dakota, New York, and Toronto within a 70 minute period of time that want to work in a coordinated effort to help Nicole by providing new technology. It may be approved in time for Nicole. But if it is approved it may open the door for others in the Burn unit.

New York called to see how I was and said that all you have done now has prepared you for right now and now is the time you need to keep your mind sharp and healthy. You need to be strong and there are loved ones that need you to be strong.

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