Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 8

Saturday....At this time last Saturday I was walking in to Nicole's ICU room at the burn unit. It feels like so long ago and yet like just a few minutes have past. Calmness is filtering in her room today. I can tell she is more comfortable with a trach instead of the intebation tube.

"Peaceful" is the look on her face. She is looking more like herself today. Stephen, her night nurse, debreeded her face last night and it looks very red but the scabs have all been cleaned off. What a difference it makes. "A girl must look her best at all times."

The staff here looks after me as much as they do Nicole. Making sure I am sleeping enough, drinking enough water, eating properly. Devan and Aaron are her nurses today. The first question....How did you sleep and for how long? Second question...What are you DRINKING? Thanks to my sister in law Sarah I have grown to love green drinks. Homemade only!.

Here is her recipe.

In a blender add: I usually use our vita-mix but right now I am using the magic bullet, I have to let it run longer but it works great too. And I have to cut the recipe into 1/4's
2 handfuls of spring mix
1 handful of spinach
4 dates
2 bananas
1 big handful of almonds
1 cup fruit, I use blueberries mostly but any berry will be great
5-6 ice cubes and water to make it as thin as you want.
Blend, blend, blend til it is like you like it. I like mine really smooth. I even put my vitamins in it and blend them at the same time. So good. Thanks Sarah!

Next question...Did I eat last night? Yes I did thanks to Christian. We had a mommy son date. To get our minds off things for a while.

I am grateful yet again for the staff here. Thankful they are taking care of me as well as Nicole.

Devan: "You have to take care of yourself. If and when Nicole is ready to go home she will need you in tip top shape."
Angi: But I want to be here as much as possible. What if something changes? What if she needs me?"
Devan: She is going to need you more when she is awake. Until then know that she is in great hands and we are looking out for her as well as you.

Awesome! They all deserve raises in my book.

This morning I woke early as usual. I got ready, watered Nicole's garden and set out for Target. I purchased poster 4 poster boards, stencils, markers and some pre-cut letters. I went to my parents house and got to work. First I made a poster that has the diddy that John and Nicole say every night. Next I cut poster board into strips 4inches wide and put on letters of positivity, We love you, God loves you, Hope, Joy, Snuggle and my favorite...You are my Sunshine. That is the song Nicole and I sing together each night. I stapled them on her walls in ICU. I hope she can see them one day.

I wish I knew what to do for Christian. He is numb. He is having a hard time concentrating. Can't think, can't sleep, can't focus. Please add an extra prayer for him. He is taking this so hard.

Flashback: One morning I was cleaning....making beds, cleaning bathrooms, laundry. Christian and Nicole were playing quietly in the kitchen. I can hear them laughing. I come around the corner and what do I find....Christian playing beauty parlor with Nicole. He is sitting on one side of a kid sized picnic table, her on the other. MY make-up spread out all over. There he is ever so carefully "painting" her face. I remember it just like yesterday. "Pouch your lips so I can put pretties on them." She obeyed her brother with out question. I wish I had my own computer so I could add the picture. I will one day. Man I love them.

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