Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 3

July 6, 2009

When I arrived today Nicole was more agitated. Upon inquiry they had to take her off the sedation because her blood pressure nose dived. They slowly added more sedation but each time they raised it higher than 10% of dose her blood pressure took a hit.

Unfortunately that means she is more aware of herself and the pain. The nurse (Jesse) comes in more frequently to give her an extra boost of pain meds even though she is on a constant pump.

Nicole's kidneys also have been struggling. New meds have been administered to help facilitate her kidneys and help her pull the fluid from the wrong places in her body to the right places so her kidneys can do their job.

As I sit here and watch her "sleep" many memories flood my mind. She has always been a "DOER". That is why we nicknamed her DOER. She never likes us to call her that in public. Most toddlers are on the go but she was in hyper mode. She loved to climb trees, climb monkey bars, climb mountains. She is a great hiker. She rode her bike without training wheels 6 months before Christian, She "skipped" a bar on the ladder monkey bars at age 3. Always so nimble, not afraid of trying new things.

Nicole has such a sweet spirit. She is loving and kind. She especially loves children and has an amazing way with them. She would say "I love kids because they are non judgemental, they love everyone, they are just like Jesus."

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