Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 2

July 5, 2009

Nicole is doing the best she can. She is pretty sedated although she has periods when she is a little more lucid and she tries to sign something to us. It is hard to make out because her little fingers are all bandaged and stiff. We gave her a marker and a white paper and she wrote "I Love You." Music to our eyes. When she tries to write it is mostly scribbles which makes her very frustrated because we cannot understand or she writes a letter or two but because of the sedation she is under again.

This is a wait and see game. Minute by minute, moment by moment is something new.

We have been surrounded by many family and friends whether here at the hospital, by email, texting or facebook. We have felt the love and prayers on our families behalf and appreciate all the words, gestures, prayers and service given to our family.

Nicole's home teacher brought a journal for those who have come to the hospital to write words of encouragement to Nicole. What a great idea that was. It is humbling to read those words.

John had to fly back to Wichita this afternoon. It was so hard to see him go. He is the pillar I lean on, the one I draw strength from. Now I will have to do it by phone. He will return in 2 weeks.

Christian has been a strength to me. In his quite gentle way he knows what to do and say. Yesterday he text me while we were traveling to UT. "She looks so hurt." That sums it up. He made sure that her TV was on and it was set to the Disney Channel. He said, "She loves Disney and that will give her comfort." Wow! I never would have thought of that. He is like a sentinel. Standing quietly, watching over her.

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