Friday, July 24, 2009

Days of 47

Happy Pioneer Day! In Utah, July 24th is a state holiday. It is the day the state celebrates when Brigham Young entered into the Salt Lake Valley. There were people who came before him but this is the day we celebrate. The days of 47 parade starts the day off. It is the 3rd largest parade behind the Rose parade and the Macy's parade. There is also a marathon that is run this day.

The parade route takes the floats to Liberty Park. That park is so fun. It has a lake that you can use paddle boats on. It also has a large play area. I don't know how many kids can fit in there but there is usually so many kids there it looks like a zoo but they all have so much fun. There is a Farris wheel, a merry-go-round with hand painted horses and electric swings.

A big party at the park after the parade is fun for most people. There are booths and food. The park party runs all day and then at night there are fireworks. I have always thought Liberty Park fireworks are the best.

Christian went to the parade this morning with friends. He has never been to that parade before. John and I are going to watch the fireworks from the hospital grounds tonight. We will take a blanket and sit outside. It won't be the same with out the kids but I am sure we will enjoy it.

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