Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 24

John and I arrived at the burn unit early today so we could spend time with Nicole before surgery. Today her surgery is to clean up several areas on her left arm and trunk then lay down new homograph. By doing this her pain level will go down. A lot of her pain is from tissue that is not covered by skin.

We were able to have some good eye contact this morning and talk to her about what was going to happen as well and some of our feelings. Nicole is such a fighter. The unit director came in today and told John and I that they are so amazed at how stable she has become and her slow progression. She indicated that about 50% of all patients burned over 50% die.

Off to surgery she goes. She is in great hands. While she is gone Zach Olsen stopped by to see how we were doing. He is one of the missionaries from our mission in KS. Super guy. I have to say the missionaries that came to serve in the Missouri, Independence mission are some of the finest anywhere. We love those guys. John's sister Anne also came with Beth and Tanner to check in and see how things are going. They came right at the right time. John and I were just leaving the unit for nourishment.

She is back now. The surgery went well. Each area the doctor wanted to addressed today did well. Nicole is mostly covered again so that will calm down the nerves that are exposed as well as help the tissue that is so sensitive to calm down. She is sleeping comfortably but has to be covered with several blankets to keep her warm again.

I just keep looking on the bright side of things.
1. I get to look into her eyes periodically and see them looking back at me.
2. I get to rub her head and feet each day.
3. I love to read to her.
4. I feel so many people far and near praying for her and our family.
5. I love the staff here and I love how they take care of Nicole.
6. I am grateful for the tender mercies the Lord show to us.

Nicole will be in and out now for a couple of days. But I know she is resting as well as she can. I know that even when I am not here she is taken care of well. I know we are being watched over. I am grateful.

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