Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We love going to Kansas City to visit Ladd and Sarah and the kiddos. This past weekend John had a meeting in KC so it was the perfect opportunity to pay a visit. It has been so HOT here in KS and a great way to cool down is the slip-n-slide. The kids really loved it as you can see.

A BIG face full of water!

John stayed inside with Chubs so he wouldn't get so hot or sunburned but enjoyed watching the kids from the window. John sure loves these kids as do I.


Sarah Carlston said...

I want these pictures...I guess I can just steal them off of your blog! We always love it when you come visit too!

Angi said...

You can have them off the blog or I can email them to you or when I come next which is who knows when iwill put them on your computer. I have more than this. You can choose your own.