Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 7

Nicole had a better night last night. Resting up for her surgery today. Doctors had originally said not surgery til Monday but they decided to do one today. They actually took off the skin of all the worst burned areas. The did not graph those areas but laid homograph and cadaver skin to protect the areas and trick it into not rejecting the new graphs when they happen.

The surgery actually was about 4 hours today. besides taking the skin they did a tracheostomy. I was so glad she was well enough to have that happen. Prayer works. She looks a little more comfortable without a huge tube in her mouth.

I asked the doctor when he thought she would be up-graded. He said, "Not for 4-6 weeks. We will see how things go." Well at least he is not down-grading her.

We couldn't ask for better care-givers. If they had to take a test for who is the most loving, caring, generous, selfless, giving people they would All pass with flying colors.

We see the loving hand of God in all of this.


Mike and Sarah said...

Our thoughts and prayers to your family and Nicole. We are sorry to hear of such immense struggles. God bless.
With love,
Sarah Lewis

Jennifer said...

Nicole is definantly in my prayers, i'm so sorry to hear about what has happened. I have a new phone number and I can e-mail it to you if you would like so I can keep posted on her condition. I know that this has got to be a rough time for everyone but i'm always here for support and i'll be praying daily for her. I'm glad to hear that she has recieved a blessing. Just know that I love you all and i'm praying.