Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 151

Our first day in clinic since Nicole has been home. She tried hard not to need to much. She and I were up at 6 just so I could do her wound care, make her breakfast and get her ready for the day. Then, John and I started seeing patients. It was only a half day of patients because of the pig roast but it felt like an extra 3 hours. I hope tomorrow is better.

Nicole and I were supposed to go to PT today but I canceled. Nicole is still not feeling well and who wants to go out when they don't feel good. Not me. Nor do I want to make someone do that.

Sweet McKenzie from next door came by and brought Nicole a card and something she made for her. She is so sweet. When I opened the door McKenzie beamed at me. What a smile. A few months ago she left a sweet note on the door step for me to take to the hospital.

No hospital bed for us. It wasn't approved. I guess we will muddle through like we have been. It sure would have cut down Nicole coughing all night and make it easier for her to rest. I will be grateful for the insurance covering what they do. Every little bit will help us.

When I did Nicole's wound care I was so grateful for the progress she has made. Her open areas are closing well thanks to the Cold Laser. Nicole's left upper arm that has been so troublesome over the past 3 months only has a small spot the size of a nickle left to close. Totally cool.

I also think Nicole has came an amazing distance. She is so grateful for all that is being done for her. Each little thing someone does for her is appreciated. She still thinks in the realm of how can she make someones life better. What a gift that is.

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Leesa said...

Sounds like you and Nicole are both doing well. Miss you! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!