Monday, November 9, 2009

DAY 130

I was only able to talk to Nicole for a short amount of time today. Her pain level was extremely high today and it makes it difficult for her to talk for any length of time. These are the times I wish I was there to just stroke her head and hold her hand. I know it would make fer feel better.

Instead I sang to her. You are my sunshine, Little Purple Pansies, Popcorn popping, the Beautiful Staircase, Love at Home, Long Name no can say, and every other song I could thing of that I knew she would like. There is nothing like singing Primary songs to lift your spirits. Even if you don't feel like singing just listening to the words makes everything all right.,17929,4958-1-2,00.html#nullLink

Copy and paste this link into your browser. When the page comes up select the first song, A Child's Prayer. On the left hand side near the top there is a play button. Below the play button click on the circle that says words and music. Then click on play. Beautiful! I sing these songs to Nicole almost everyday. And when I am far away like I am right now singing is familiar to her and helps us both. Try it out. Try out any of the songs. They are wonderful. If you go back to the place where you can choose a song there is an alphabet. Click on the M's. Click on song Mother Dear. Again listen to the music and words. This is a special song for me. When Nicole sings this song she has her own words for it. Most of them are the same but she made some different. Before the fire Nicole recorded this song on my phone with the changed words. Priceless.

Our friends, Karen and Wade invited us over for dinner. It was lovely. We were able to see their home which we had not seen before. Beautiful. She has such a touch. After wards we all went to Freddie's for frozen yogurt. John and I had so much fun catching up and visiting. Not a care in the world. What true friends they are. Thanks so much for opening your home to us tonight.

We are just over the 4 month mark and it feels like a year. The time John and I have been away from each other seems like a life time. Especially when we get to spend time together and then it ends all too soon. I am not sure what has been harder on me. Being apart from John or the worry of Nicole and what has yet to come. I am glad John and I are both strong. We see the big picture even though it is hard. Nothing would make me happier then to wake up tomorrow and find this was all a dream. John and I are in the same home. Nicole is well and happy and Christian is also well and happy.

This too shall pass.

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