Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 138

Christian's day has been very tough. More of the same but more intense Good thing Christian's appointment with the neurologist is tomorrow. He doesn't have to know it all right as we walk in the door but I am hoping for something to grasp on to.

Today at that the unit I learned several more PT moves. I may have it all down by the times she is released. Nicole is getting more movement. It doesn't really look like more to others (outsiders)but I can see the difference.

Daphne(PT)made Nicole a vest for Nicole out of Tubie. It is very tight piece of material. Kind of stretchy that goes over just her torso. It is like a training vest. To get her used to having something tight around her all the time. Nicole says it is very itchy.

We tried some now stuff on her legs today to see if it will help with all the swelling and edema. It is also very stretchy and tight. I guess we will see tomorrow.

I am getting more antsy to get Nicole home. Each day I know is one day closer to her coming home. So many things are coming together, my list is getting so much shorter. Now if I could get some boxes unpacked, find my Thanksgiving stuff and finish my Christmas shopping I would be in heaven. Tomorrow is my get the work done day. (Except for when I go to the doctors with Christian) I will be chained to the house busily going through things. Me the list girl even has a list of things I will be looking for when I go through boxes.

John will be here in 8 more days. I can't wait. He won't be here for my birthday but that is OK. He and I will celebrate when he comes. We were going to have dinner at Zermat in Midway on Dec 4th although the ward Christmas party for Traverse Mountain is that night. We will be attending that instead which will be so much fun. We are really looking forward to that.

When I told Nicole that I was going to be setting up our Christmas tree she was very disapproving. She said, "You can't do that. We always do that on your birthday." I told her that I wanted to get it done, it is on my list. She wasn't having any of that. So I guess we will set it up next week instead. It is tradition, we need to stick to.

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