Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 128

Last night at Starbucks 2 women stopped to talk. I didn't know them but Nicole did. It was fun to see them chatting back and forth. They are the daughters of a patient in the unit. As the three of them were talking one turned to me and said, "Nicole has brought joy to my dad. Each day she has a smile for him. Each say he see her progress and hope the same for his wife. Each day when we talk to him on the phone he will give us an update on Nicole. He might say, 'Nicole was up and walking today or her range of motion I can see is getting better.' He watches Nicole to see what might be in store for his wife.

I love it. I love that Nicole can be an inspiration to someone. She can give someone hope. She has been a great cheerleader for others in the unit. 'You can do it, great job'. I hope I will be a great cheerleader for her.

Today, John and I are driving to KS. We were going to leave last night but after the long day we had and see Nicole late, we didn't pack up our stuff until 11 pm. after it was all packed, about 1am, we were too tired.

Nicole has a good night last night. I love the nurse she had. Kindi. I love the interaction she has with Nicole. Not all nurses at made up the same. Some are kind, some are witty, some just do their job. I love the ones who have compassion. They go above and beyond their 'job'. Thanks you nurses and aides who go above and beyond. You make my life easier. Easier, because I know when you are taking care of Nicole I rest better, my mind doesn't race all day wondering if she is in good hands. My 2 hours a day can be spent loving Nicole and not putting out fires.

Kansas here we come.

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