Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 124

When John is in town our visiting times to see Nicole is 8-10pm. It is hard to go at that time of night. All parties involved are tired and cranky. I felt so bad last night when I left because I was not as patient as I wanted to be. And, it didn't seem like anything I did could make her happy.

Tonight I will do better. I will have a better attitude. I will know my behavior will make or break her behavior. I will serve her and in turn the spirit of the room with be more conducive.

As I planned the day I made mental notes on how I could help Nicole more. I can't wait for tonight.

Working with John in the clinic is very rewarding. I love to see each patient come in and the transformation they make. Health is an amazing thing. Sometimes people are cranky when they first become patients. Their demeanor starts to change right before our eyes as they begin to have wellness. They become happy, smiling, cheerful, joyful. I love it.

John and I arrived at the unit tonight 30 minutes late. It was not how I wanted to start the night, but, I went in with a smile on my face. "HI, SISSY!" She smiled. So far a better night.

She was watching some TV show. I talked to her in a soothing voice. I just wanted tonight to be better. Nicole was very squirmy because of all the itchy skin she has. I offered to scratch her back which she was grateful for. That in turn, turned into putting lotion on dry areas which in turn lead to massaging her shoulders and neck. Nicole was in heaven and I felt heaven close.

That is what I prayed for. For Nicole and I to be happy even though it was late and even though her schedule was disrupted all would be OK.

I could tell putting lotion and A and D was not only soothing her itchy skin, it was also soothing her soul. As I was rubbing those areas I felt as though the action was like a balm to my soul as well. The time there went by quickly and I was sad to see it end. Even though it was late I was happy.

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