Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 149

BYU vs. UTAH Me...a BYU fan....Christian...a UTES fan. The big BYU-Utes game is today. I wish I had tickets but on the other hand I am glad I can listen to the game in the comfort of my own home, warm with a blanket and hot cocoa. Tight game. It even went into overtime. Final score...26-23 BYU on top. Man I was happy about that GAME. Sorry Christian.

Today, John and the kids helped me celebrate my birthday. A week late but so much better when we are all together. We went to RODIZIO'S for dinner. Ever been there? It is Brazilian food. First there is a salad bar with different types of foods made like in Brazil. Next, there are cute gaucho guys that bring cooked meat to your table on skewers and cute the meat off right on your plate. So good. For the birthday girl (that's me) that brought out Flan. YUMMO!! I shared but I wish I had 2 pieces.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone during this last week. And Christian gave me a BYU football jersey. He knows the way to my heart.

Nicole is getting along better each day. I know she has a few set backs but over all I would say things are on the up hill drive.

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Nikki said...

Sam took me to Rodizio's for our anniversary. We were in Utah in June and we love Brazil BBQ, so lucky me! What a lucky women you are!!!

Sam and I are Utes fans and all of our friends are Y fans! What a sad day!