Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 123

What a night we had. We love going to Snowbird overnight. Right now they are having a fall special. $100 for the night and you get a $50 resort credit. If you have a day to go I highly recommend it. We checked in a had dinner at the Steak Pit. Took some amazing pictures of the sun setting and snuggled by the fire. My kind of reconnection.

Watched the sunrise over the Wasatch Front and from our balcony, could see the Salt Lake Valley light up. Breakfast at the Airie. Delicious. Amazing what a few hours away together can do for a relationship.

Nicole had another pretty good day. She is still having PT in bed. It is mostly just stretching but everything helps. She is looking forward to getting out of bed again. As she heals from this last surgery she will be so happy to get up again.

We enjoy our 'walks' to the bridge to be able to watch the birds fly and look at the sky. Nicole is looking forward to being outside. Even with the cold she can't wait to feel the cool air on her skin. I think the thing she is looking forward the most is walking outside. And maybe eating home cooking.

I am going to make Nicole a poster that she can count down the days until she comes home. We don't know the day exactly but I am going to count down from Christmas. It will be a visual that will help her and when she gets out before then she will be that much happier that she beat the countdown. It will help me too.

Christian is again struggling. He passed out again today. We are all frustrated. The emergancy kit didn't help today. There was not much warning this time.

What more can I do? What am I not doing to help this situation? I know the answers are out there for both children. I know the help is there, we just need the clues to get the answers.


Sarah Carlston said...

Yay! I am so excited you got away! Sad for Christian! He is in our prayers, I hope you can find some answers and he can find some peace and comfort!

Cant wait to see YOU this weekend!

Love, your favorite friend and sis-in-law :) ;) :)!

Alicia said...

Mary has been going through something similar. Her pediatric cardiologist said it was a very sensitive vagal response (parasympathetic).
Simple solution for now. Increased water and salty snacks and multivitamin with iron.
I hope he can find some answers and stability soon!

Angi said...

Sarah, I can't wait to see you either. Our night away was so fun.

Alicia, SOrry to hear about Mary. Christian has to have gatorade extra salt and M-n-M's with him at all times. I know we will find answers I just want them NOW.