Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 127

I wish I had my camera this morning. As I was driving to the grocery store the sun was trying to peak over the mountains. There was a whiff of a cloud in the sky the sun had brilliantly lit up. Man, I hope I can catch that again one day.

With it being Friday, my day is always so crazy when John is here. Seeing patients, packing up, making food, laundry, cleaning, doing last minutes things to get ready for him to go home and this time me to go with him.

My dad's surgery went well. Many tumors were removed and chemo was started. He stayed over night and was told if all went well in the night he would be able to go home today.

John was able to get several things moved this morning with the help of Tom. Thanks a bunch. I may be able to get a vehicle in the garage soon. I hope to before the snow flies. Me ands now are not friends unless I can stay in the home, sit by a fire and drink hot cocoa. Now that is my idea of a day. Oh yeah, and a warm cozy blanket. Preferably the one Kassi made me, BYU fleece. Or this other sweet one that is brown with crazy pink and cream flowers. Although, Nicole is using that one at the hospital. Good thing we are not having snow right now.

Tonight after we see Nicole John and I will be driving to Kansas City for a meeting this weekend and then on to Wichita so I can tend to some business. It will be good to spend more time with John as well as see familiar sites and friends.

I stocked up on a few things to leave with Nicole at the hospital. Of course mac and cheese, she wanted to try laughing cow cheese and a cracker she likes. I hope theses stores last until I come back. I will miss her. Good thing I can talk to her on the phone each day. She will raise my spirits and I hope that I will do the same.

Nicole's day is another day of progression. I am happy we have been going forward for many days now.

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