Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 137

Do you ever wonder if all you are doing will make a difference? And if it does will it be good enough? I hope I am making a different in this world. So many times I look around and I get ideas that would make someones life better. I want to take the opportunity to implement those ideas.

I find myself writing lists of ideas. I am a list girl at heart. Nothing like the satisfaction of checking it off. One day my ideas list will be all checked off and I will see the fruit that comes from it.

Christian was fitted with a King of Heart today. He will wear it about 2 weeks. It monitors his heart and sends the information electronically to the monitoring station. Hopefully this will give us more information that will lead to something positive. He and I went to dinner tonight and had a great talk. He is so easy to talk to. I love it when he is so animated.

Earlier in the day he called me and told me he got a text from his dentist office that they were giving away tickets to a private showing of 'NEW MOON'! Oh my gosh. Really?! Anyway he was able to secure some tickets and we are going on Saturday. Well fro sure he is going. I will see how Nicole is getting along and if I can have someone stay with her. (Ashley?) But if not, I know he will have a great time.

I feel the last few days at the unit have been the same. Learning wound care. But today I was able to go with Nicole to PT and learn several stretches and activities that will help her once she comes home. Tomorrow I will learn different ones. They are very painful but I just keep saying to myself, "No pain, no gain". I know Nicole isn't ready for me to say that to her.

PT is going to measure Nicole for a shirt tomorrow and hopefully her pants. It takes about 2 weeks to get them in. They will also scan her for a mask that she will start wearing at night and as she gets more comfortable she will wear it in the day for a few hours.

PT blindsided me today. Nicole's insurance doesn't pay for her pressure garments. I don't really get that since it is such an basic yet vital part of recovery. They told me she needs at least 2 sets and ideally 3-4. And they wear out so it would be 2 sets now and 2 sets in several months, maybe 2 sets again before she won't need to wear them any longer. She will be wearing them for at least 2 years. They are washable but you can't dry them. They have to be laid out to air dry which takes many hours.

Each set $1800 if she doesn't need zippers. Each zipper $150. I think I am in the wrong business. How can a pair of pants, a shirt and a pair of gloves cost that much? How can the average person pay that much?

I cried all the way home from the hospital praying for a way to be able to accomplish this new trial set before us. I don't have an answer yet but I do know God was listening. I know He will provide a way. I felt so distraught as I left the hospital but by the time I got home I felt loving arms, knowing arms. Arms that have comforted me before, arms that feel familiar.


Karen said...

Appeal the claim with the insurance company - include letters from Doctors on why it is necessary care - we did this with my daughters prosthic eye and they did finally pay for it. Now if I could only get them to pay for the Botox for Migriane thing!

I love your updates and keep your family in my prayers.


Angi said...

We will appeal although I have just read the booklet and it says they don't cover durable medical equipment. I guess we will see when all is said and done. Thanks for the prayers.

karen said...

I don't know anything about this type of equipment but have you tried contacting the manufacturer to see if they have any type of help for people like your daughter? It would be like contacting a pharmaceutical company if you can't afford their $700/month medication (which is my case). Perhaps they have some sort of assistance program in place which works with the insurance or independently, as the case may be. It doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck - I'll be checking back.

Moon Friend said...

I can probably stay with Nicole when you go with Christian. I don't think I have set plans this weekend...I haven't seen Nicole since the middle of August, it will be exciting to see the difference :). Will she be home by then?

Angi said...

Ash-That would be great. She would love to see you. When I told her that you really wanted to be seeing her more often she was excited. Yes she will be home. She is coming home on Friday. I need to be to the place at 4:30 so if you want to come at 4 that would be awesome. Let me know. Thanks

Moon Friend said...

Yay! I will bring her some new books I have been waiting to share with her :) and maybe I'll find a cute chick flick to bring too. I'm pretty excited :) I get out of school at 3:45 technically, but I might be able to slip out a little bit earlier.

Angi said...

It is on Saturday not Friday. SHe will love new books and a new flick. Although she might sleep through some of it. SOrry

Moon Friend said...

Oh. Saturday I'm pretty sure I can do too, I'll just move those things to Friday ;). I don't mind about the movie, I'll probably fall asleep too...sometimes those movies get too cheesey it puts me to sleep. I hope you have gotten most of your list done! Let me know if you need anything or any help.