Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree

Each year when we get out our Christmas tree and decorations I always tell John I want new decorations. I want them to match and maybe even match my decor. Each year I do not get new ones.

Today when we got everything out and setting up the tree I said to John' "I love our tree. Even though I wish we had new decorations I love ours."

With each piece I gently unwrapped I remembered a memory from that piece. Maybe it was where we picked that piece up or maybe it was the Christmas we first had that peice.

For example:
The mice: I painted each one of them the first year we were married
The Teapot: We choose that piece on a trip to Germany. It came from a little glass factory that hand blows each piece.
The hand carved Santa: My sister and I each received one when we were glued together by accident in a little Christmas shop in Branson.
The seashells: We each choose one from our trip to Florida
The nutcrackers: We choose them the year Liz lived with us. (Her dad hand made us a beautiful nutcracker that year.)
The skiers: We choose these the year the kids learned to ski.
The Texas Star: Was given to us from friends when we moved from Texas to Kansas.

So many memories. How could I give them up? As I am putting each one on the tree I am telling Nicole and John where each one came from, why we obtained it or who gave it to us. When we are finished I turn off the lights, sit back and remember the many wonderful times I have decorating our tree, the many wonderful memories from each ornament and the friends and family who have contributed to the memories we have hanging on our tree.

Thank you for the memorable times.

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