Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 125

This week is going by in a blur.

John had a meeting tonight so I went to see Nicole by myself. I was actually happy to do it. It gave me time to assess her just from my perspective. Not that John clouds it just that I love to watch her and see what is changing, what is developing and what observations she is making.

As soon as I got to the unit she was waiting for me in a wheel chair to go for a walk. We have not been able to do that for several days due to her last surgery. Out we went......straight to Starbucks. We love that place. I just their pumpkin hot chocolate. It is seasonal but I look forward to that sumptuous dark liquid sliding down my throat. Nicole, her favorite is caramel apple cider. That is good too but not as good as the hot chocolate.

Next, we went outside to breath what we thought would be fresh air. Well, there were several people outside smoking. Needless to say we turned right around and came back through the revolving door into the lobby. Nicole told me it was OK because it was too cold but I think she didn't want me to feel bad that she was disappointed.

Today was a much better day again for Nicole. Wound care went great as did PT. She is progressing right along.

Nicole has a smile for everyone that comes into the unit. She has made friends with several people that are visiting their loved ones. They walk by and call her name, say hello and smile. Some see her progression from day to day. I am sad they see her more than I do. But I am grateful she has others to talk to at times as well as knowing others are there and know she needs a smile.

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