Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 129

We successfully arrived in Kansas. I was so happy to see Sarah and Ladd's driveway. I knew bed was not far away. I heard the the pitter patter of little feet bright and early today. I felt little feet brush by my sleeping area, I am sure, in hopes that I would soon be waking up. Giggling and whispering, whispering and giggling. John and I rolled over and saw 3 cute kids just waiting for us. Smiling sweetly.

John needed to go to a meeting today. And as luck would have it the meeting is in Kansas City. I love it when John has meeting is Kansas City for the pure fact that I get to spend time with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Notice how I mentioned the sister-in-law first. I just love her. We have bonded quite nicely over the years.

We cook together and play together. Two things I love to do. Today cooking involves cookies and fish tacos. Man, I love her fish tacos. When she first told me she was going to make them for me, last year, I told John we might want to eat before we arrived, just in case. But, we arrived late and nothing was open except her kitchen. They were amazing. I was so glad we didn't eat before hand or I would not have had room for such a delightful meal.

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if (blank) didn't happen. (feel free to fill in the blank). I wonder that often lately. I wonder what kind of person would I be like had we not been faced with hard choices and decisions, trials, set backs and health issues. I look back on the early years of our married life and review what I thought were a couple of hard years. Those years in retrospect actually started to prepare me for things to come later in life. That prepared me for other things that prepared me for now. We would not be the same people if it weren't for (blank).

Today I am glad for (blank).

You know the saying, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.' I have made great lemonade. Some sour and some sweet. I have made enough lemonade to open plenty of lemonade stands. I could have made a small fortune. I should have shared my lemonade then, but, I didn't know how. I hope by sharing my lemonade now others will quench their thirst. My hope is one person will feel like they too can make lemonade.

Years and years ago Nicole and Christian had a lemonade stand. I remember they set up their little picnic table out on the sidewalk. We lived in a very quiet neighborhood in TX. I was sure no one would be buying lemonade. It was a hot summer day, as days usually are in TX. There they sat, just the two of them. No customers. I went out and 'bought' a cup hoping it would keep their spirits up. An hour or so later, in they both came. Carrying the empty pitcher and cups. Wow I thought. When I inquired as to the empty pitcher and the money they must have made, Christian said, "Mom, did you know that when the garbage men collect garbage no one ever gives them lemonade. And when the guy comes to mow our neighbor across the street grass, no one ever gives him lemonade." "No", I replied. And then he said, "We gave them our lemonade because they were so hot and they looked thirsty. They do such a great job and give so much service to others we wanted them to get service in return." What an example of making lemonade out of the lemons they were given that day.

It is hard to keep ones spirits up in the unit each day. Living in a small room, not much privacy. Not being able to move about freely. Eating what is served, drinking when it is brought. Wearing limited attire or just a drab hospital gown. I am not sure I could or would keep my spirits up as well as I think Nicole has. She rarely does not have a smile for me or anyone else.

Now that some many areas are healing better I hope Nicole's face, that still has 6-8 areas of MRSE, will heal rapidly. Her body has not prioritized the MRSA. I hope it can put some energy towards that. Other than that Nicole at this moment is infection free. I say that lightly hoping nothing comes down the pike. She is so close to coming home. Even though it is several more weeks compared to the weeks that have passed it seems very close.

My list has been on hold for over a week. When I get back to Utah I will have to hit it running. I will be so glad when I can cross off the last item. I will sit back with a sigh of relief and know it was time well spent. Especially since it will make my life easier in the long run. Not that there will not be thing that will always need to be done, but the big items, you know the ones that have to be done, that take the most time. The ones that we all dread. But the end result will be amazing. Christmas decorations up, presents wrapped, menus planned, deep cleaning done. And hopefully sleep caught up.

I love sleep!


Leesa said...

You're in KS! How long? Can I see you?

Sarah Carlston said...

I feel so loved! I loved having you here, it is always fun to talk....glad we could do that! And cook and do cookies! I am just sad I dont know when I will see you again! I need to make a weekend getaway trip to Utah!

I am so grateful that we are in the same family forever!