Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 143

Today is my Birthday. Today was the 2nd target date for Nicole to be released from the hospital. She beat it by 3 days. What a present.

Many things are still kind of crazy around here a schedule eludes me. Maybe because I am running around trying to get things ready for 2 Thanksgivings. One at John's sister Anne's home and the other at our home the next day. My sister Dawn and her husband Barry are coming to town. We are sharing Thanksgiving together with my other sister Dana and her husband Gray, my parents, my niece Tiffany and her family. Dawn is not a traveler over the holidays so this is eventful.

Nicole and I went to the University of Utah for a check up with PT and clinic. Clinic said she looked great. I think her wounds have really improved since she has been home. I have been able to use items we have here they don't allow in the hospital. They were pleased on her progress.

PT was mostly pleased. Nicole had regressed in one area of moving her left arm but really made strides in how it moved another way. She is able to do a lot of her own PT with my guidance which is my goal on getting her more self reliant.

Christian is wearing a 'King of Hearts' right now. It is a monitoring device that transmits his heart record and they watch it for any thing out of the ordinary. I think he will wear it for 2 weeks. I hope something comes up.

I am grateful he is here with me. Someone to talk to that knows what is going on, living it right along with you. Someone to hug me when I walk by just to show support. Last night I was on the couch by Christian. I just leaned over and put my head on his shoulder. He started patting my back. (I love that and that is his love to me) He patted my back for like 5 minutes. OH THE LOVE.

No celebrating tonight, we are waiting for John to come to town. I did receive many Birthday wishes on Facebook. Thanks to all!

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