Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 136

Today I realized I was talking to myself. How did I get to that point? Do I not interact enough with others? For a split second I saw myself many years down the road having full conversations with myself. Now that is not a good thing. I better remedy that and quick.

Each day now will be filled with learning how to take care of Nicole's needs and trying to figure out how not to loose myself in the process. The endless needs of wound care, PT, food prep, etc, etc, etc. Once she is home and I can get a schedule down it won't feel so overwhelming. I am sure that in a couple of days all will settle down and it will be second nature. I like know how the day will flow. What to expect and how it will end up. Of course it won't go smooth every day but that is my goal. Is that neurotic? I hope not.

Nicole and I are working better as a team. During the times when I have to help her in PT and/or wound care she is doing so much more on her own with me assisting. More and more I am amazed at her tenacity and diligence.

I wish I had more to report on Christian. We will see the neurologist on Wednesday and hopefully he will shed some light on why things are not getting any better. Christian is still sleeping quite a bit but he is able to go to the gym for his walk of 45 minutes as well as lifting some weight. Good thing he has someone there to help him if needed which is often.

My list is dwindling. Not too many more things to accomplish before 'D' day. or 'N' day as the case may be. I am actually beginning to believe I will get the list done.


Sandra McMillin said...

Hey sounds like things are improving for Nicole, have they given you a date you can bring her home? That would be wonderful and I'm sure she is so tired of that place. Sorry you don't know more about what's going on with Christian, that stinks! You are a great lady and they are so lucky to have as their Mom. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving....there are so many things to be thankful for.

~Love Sandra

Angi said...

Sandra. Things are improving. As long as things go well this week Nicole will be able to come home on Friday. I am tired of things there. I want to be with her but it is wearing. The drive, the chunk right out of the middle of the day, the irritation I feel with what has gone on there. I keep up a good attitude but sometimes I just can't do it. I know Heavenly Father Knows I can do it or He would have taken her but sometimes I want a do-over. Thanks for your positive words. I hope I am a good mom and a good person. I do what I can and leave the rest to God. I love you and I am grateful you are my friend. Happy Thanksgiving!

Glenda said...

Had a nice visit today with John after Sunday school. Found out that his grandfather built the house in Monroe. My daughter, Charleen seems to live close by there in Monroe.