Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 121

Happy Halloween, everyone.

What a glorious day it is. Beautiful robins egg blue cloudless sky. When I left this morning to start my list I couldn't believe how beautiful the morning was. I was telling John that the mountains looked like a pencil sketch in the sky. The sun was at such an angle that there was no imagery or dimension to the mountains. They looked amazing.

I saw a few hot air balloons as well as para-penters. The air was crisp. It couldn't have started out to be a better day.

I am a morning person usually and now that my sleep pattern has returned to almost normal I am happy to watch the sun rise over the Wasatch Front.

Nicole is on the road to recovery. Even with surgery yesterday her pain level is about a 5. I am so happy about that. I know it is hard for her the first few days after surgery because she cannot get out of bed, open areas hurt with just the slightest pressure and just being bored staying in bed all day. Activities I know she would love the most like crocheting she cannot do right now because she has a hard time making her left hand work the way she wants it to. I hope that recovers well. She loves to crochet.

I am grateful we are over a hump. Grateful that we are not waiting and wondering each moment of each day. I know this journey is not over by any means. Our journey so far has been to exercise faith in Jesus Christ, that by Him and though Him all things are possible. Our faith has been stretched many times but knowing all will happen by His will, helps us to build our faith stronger.

I don't know if our journey will be long or short. I know our journey had passed and crossed the paths of many people. As our paths cross, we are blessed to know others and rejoice in their journeys also. Thank you for sharing your journeys with us. The path is long and hot and sweaty sometimes but the cool stream at the end of the path is always welcome.

That is how I look at things. Yes, the work is hard. Yes, I don't like it much. Yes, the path can be dark and dreary sometimes, but, isn't it worth it to push through things that we come up against to get the greatest reward. In my case, a twinkly eye smile, a hug with a pat, seeing Nicole walking and knowing she will be coming home one day. But most of all knowing, if I do my best, journey on my path, that I will receive the greatest reward. Living with my family and God forever.

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