Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 114

Have I ever told you I LOVE RAIN!!!

Today it is raining. I love to sit by the window and watch the earth be watered. I started loving rain when we moved to Texas. In the Midwest, yes Texas included, when it rains it is like God opened a big zipper in the sky and let the water out. It is amazing! Huge drops hitting the ground make it sound like thunder. The street gather water and you could have boat races. In the summer the rain in warm and you can play in it. The sound of the rain on the roof soothes my soul. It is cleansing.

The air smells fresh when the rain stops. I want to breathe it in all day long. I wish there was an air freshener that really smelled like rain. Not the fake stuff that says rain. I don't know who makes those smells up but who ever it is has never smelled rain.

Today is the get the work done day. Get the work done is what is going on. Re-arranging furniture, re-arranging boxes so I can find stuff. making a room downstairs for John to get away from it all. Even though the basement isn't finished. He will have his desk, books, a comfy chair and a lamp so he can read to his hearts content.

I have noticed my carpet needs to be cleaned. I guess I will put that on the list as well. Might as well, it is already 86 lines long.

Nicole was almost sparkly today. I could tell she was feeling better. Her personality was shining. I got to the hospital before wound care was over today. I was glad they let me in. I have been wanting to see her progression. Most everything looks like it will be accepted. I am glad about that. Today Devin is her nurse. I am happy about that. He is attentive and makes me not feel so bad when I leave. I know she will be in good hands.

Nicole's itching is still there. On one hand it is good because I know the area is healing and getting enough air. But it is also driving her crazy to be so itchy. And driving me a little crazy to be scratching her back so much. A small thing by comparison.

I went out of her room to get something and Nicole's nurse was in the hall. He asked about Christian and how he was doing. As I was telling him how Christian was progressing he told me, "Just so you know, a lot of the nurses up here pray for you and your family each day." I was touched. I am grateful for that knowledge. It makes my heart sing.

Many projects to get done today and the next 25 days. I am going to ask at church tomorrow if there are any priests who might want to work for me for the next week or two in the afternoon to earn so extra money. I need some help to get things arranged and put where I can find them. All before John comes to town and maybe a few days after.

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