Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 93

Blustery day. I love them as long as I don't have to go out in them. Since John and I were going to attend General Conference today I had to break out the winter coat and go out. BUUUURRRRR! I do have to say that it was worth it because conference was awesome. We have never been to conference in the Conference Center before. All I can say is AWESOME!

Directly after John and I went to the hospital to spend time with Nicole. She had a fantastic day. PT went supremely well. A new activity she did today was peddle the bike. It is not the big peddling like on a regular bike, just small peddling. But still the same she was peddling. Today has also been a little easier for her to stand up. That is a huge thing.

John, Nicole and I went to the cafeteria tonight. Since Nicole is able to eat some things now she had mashed potatoes, grilled cheese and some juice. Man, it was so good to see her eat. Of course she is not gobbling down everything in sight but she is eating some of this and some of that. I am happy with anything she can eat on her own.

When we returned to Nicole's room there was a man there who was playing the guitar. It was very nice to hear him playing. He came over to Nicole's room and kneeled down by her and played her two songs. It was just what she needed. His voice was very soothing to her. The words beautiful. I had never heard either song before. I love music therapy.

It was so hard to leave her tonight. I am still very unhappy about the 2 hour limit. Tomorrow John and I are going to have a chat with a hospital administrator as well as her 2 doctors at noon. I hope we can make some progress on that.

Dr Cochran came up to John and I tonight to tell us the progress Nicole has been making. I think she was doing it to try to defuse what she knows is coming tomorrow.

Today I made Pumpkin Cookies. I know it is really fall when that is what I want to do. They are so good. When they are hot they are cake like. When they are cooled down they are soft and they just melt in your mouth. I can't wait to break out all my fall recipes. Things I just save for eating in the fall. Yummy soups and breads, cookies and treats. I love to heat my kitchen up and smell the aromas of all that is going on. Doesn't just make you want to bake something right now?

It is so nice to have John here with me right now. I just love it. Snuggling is the bestest part!

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