Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 113

I have more on my plate than I know what to do with right now. You know, I am secretly Wonder Woman. I can do anything, but, today I feel my powers are just dwindling. I need my powers recharged. I guess I will have to double my DSF. Adrenal boost in a pill. I have to say it never fails me.

I wouldn't be able to get this far either without the strength that I have been given by my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Nor would I be able to function each day without the support of my Amazing Husband, John, my Sweet son, Christian and all the family and friends who helps us and prays for us. And all the people we haven't met yet that keep us in their prayers daily. I know I wouldn't have gotten this far in the process of all that is going on now without all the prayers that have been offered on our behalf. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and the sides and the top!

Nicole still cannot get out of bed. Wound care and PT is still bed side. I wish I could be there to comfort her. I can't imagine how hard it is for Nicole with no one there to hold her hand, for her to be able to squeeze it. Just to know there is someone there to love her through the process. I know if roles were reversed I would feel better to be able to squeeze the hand of someone who loves me.

Sometimes I feel so helpless when I am there. I know what I want to do to help her but my hands are tied. What is a parent to do? I pray daily for angels to tend to her when I cannot be there. To comfort her and watch over her. I know Heavenly Father is always mindful of our situation and will not leave her alone. I am grateful to know that. It gives me strength when I have to leave her.

So much to do with so little time. I have geared myself to get things done by November 20th. I hope it happens before that time. Even though the doctors have not given me a specific day as to when she will be coming home I don't think it will be before November 23rd. That is why I choose the 20th. To be able to have 2 days of just rest, relaxation and respite before my life will not be as a know it. But that is okay. It is what I signed up for.

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