Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 106

Christian was sprung today after many instructions on how to keep himself healthy and not passing out. Besides a prescription that he will have to take for at least a year, he has to carry his 'EMERGENCY KIT'. I have made him several pouches of M & M's to carry with him. He doesn't like chocolate so I am sure he just won't be eating them just because they are there.

He was so happy to be out of the hospital. Eating regular food was high on his priority list. Christian's own words, "This hospital food is the worst". I don't know what the room food tasted like but the cafeteria wasn't too bad.

Grateful is my heart today again for the doctors at this hospital. That they, through the blessing of our Heavenly Father, were able to figure out the puzzle of our son.

I ran up to the University of Utah hospital to see Nicole today. The first time I have seen her since I have been back. I didn't tell her because I was taking care of Christian's needs and her needs were being taken care of. When I walked in her room she was so shocked. She looked on her board to see if this was the day I was supposed to come back and saw that it wasn't. What a beaming face. I was so glad to see her.

There she was eating a turkey wrap and drinking pink lemonade. I just hugged her and she hugged me back. We just chatted and caught up. She told me all she was doing in PT and how well she was doing. I got a first hand look when she had to use the restroom. Nicole was able to get herself turned around in bed and was able to stand on her own. She walked all on her own to the restroom and back.

Shaun, a nurse, was walking behind her saying, "faster, faster" and Nicole even turned around and tried to reach for him like she was mad. But we know she wasn't because her and Shaun tease each other back and forth. It is actually very fun to see.

Nicole and I took a walk (well I walked and she rode) outside. Today was a great day to go out. Very sunny and about 70 degrees. Nicole wanted to face the sun. We sat there for 30 minutes. It was great. The best thing was just seeing her today. I thought I wasn't going to see her until Monday.

Nicole is on the schedule to have surgery on Tuesday. If that goes well she will have another surgery the following Monday. If that one goes well and all the auto-graphs take and there is no rejection she could be home within 4 weeks later. Right on my birthday.

A surprise visit at my home tonight. Ashley and her sister Alyssa (from TX) came by to see me. I haven't seen Alyssa for like 10 years. She has grown up quite nicely. She will be attending BYU-I in January. She came to spend fall break with Ashley and I was glad she wanted to spend a few hours with me. I cooked and did laundry (that was in much need of doing) while they talked to me and kept me company.


pj said...

it would have been a REAL surprise visit if their mom came too. (VBG) Can't wait until I am able to surprise you....

Jeanne said...

Angie & John,

Today we heard that you might be moving some things into your house on Wednesday, about 6PM. We are planning to help. Let me know if this is right.
You guys are amazing, an inspiration to all of us.
Tom Faucheux 407-6199