Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 98

John and I had a short meeting with Dr. Rich (one of the ones who blew us off this week). We hit a brick wall. She is not giving in at all I just don't get it. I don't get when people are sick and serious or critical why they would limit visits. Why, when they have told us it is still 50/50, would providers limit visitation when that is also limiting time we may not have with her. I will never understand.

As John and I talked about it later we are still muddled by what is going on.

When John is in town we are very busy with our small clinic. It is actually nice for me to keep busy since I am not at the hospital. The days are long when I am not there. I am going to school also so I can delve further into my studies.

Upon entering the unit tonight we found Nicole having quite a bit of abdominal pain, right sided. My first thought was appendix. I asked the nurse what she thought and that was her thoughts, too. They drew labs and decided to get a CT scan of her abdomen. They didn't take her until after we left but the nurse told us she would call us when the scan had been read. I hope it is not appendix.

I hope Nicole will be able to regulate her temperature better as she gets better. She is either extremely cold or extremely hot. Tonight it was cold. I think she had on 6 blankets. I am usually the cold one and she is the hot one. She was taking after John in that department. But her coldness is pretty extreme.

I am happy to report that the MRSA on her face is nearly gone. Only 4 spots that are quite small.

Nicole's back is progressing quite nicely. Her back has many skin buds on it. That is areas that are bumpy and that means the skin there is regenerating underneath. I can't wait for her skin to be well enough to harvest again. I know it is going to be painful and we may run into slow healing again, but, that is one step closer to coming home. What a rejoicing day that will be.

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