Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 105

Sweet Nicole's day was hard. PT is working her very hard and it is causing her quite a bit of pain. I know they have to push but I am wondering how much is too much. I wish I could take on some of this pain for her. What is a mother to do?

Yesterday, when my parents went to visit Nicole they found her I-pod missing. Can you believe it? Someone stealing an I-Pod from a sick person. I just don't get it. It was a classic 120G. It has her name engraved on the back. I hope who ever has it now feels very guilty each time they look at the back and see her name there. It could only be a hospital employee because her room is restricted to only immediate family and if they saw someone try to go in there they would be there inquiring.

On the upside. Nicole's is eating better and better. At this time there is nothing she is restricted from. Sandwiches, lasagna, spaghetti, fruit plates, pizza. All are for the eating. After 3 months of not eating I am sure she is loving it.

Nicole is walking more and more each day. She is still in the robot stage. I am not sure if that will be a permanent thing or not. I hope not. But if that is what it is then we will adjust.

I am getting really good at adjusting. At least I hope I am. Adjust and re-adjust. That should be my motto.

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Moon Friend said...

Hey Miss Angi,
Can Nicole eat sushi now? I would like to get some for her in celebration, I could just drop it off at your house :) and also I have My Sister's Keeper (for you) and a few other books you could read/read to her. If you need anything PLEASE text me, I'm not too far away :)