Friday, October 16, 2009

We have a diagnosis!

NeuroCardiogenic Syncope. What does that mean? His brain is not talking to the heart to make it pump blood to it. So his brain is blood deprive which makes him pass out. There is medications that help. The cardiology team started him on one today. We will see if it is the one to help him. They will keep trying different ones until they find the right one.

Christian will have to carry an "emergency kit" with him at all times. Gatorade, salt packets and M & M's. Funny, I know. Gatorade because it has lots of salt in it. Salt, obvious and M & M's for caffeine and salt. Actually, it can be any chocolate but the recommend M & M's. The doctors want him to drink Gatorade everyday and have extra salt.

We are grateful for the diagnosis. I knew it would come today. Our brother-in-law Rich gave Christian a blessing last night. He blessed Christian that his body would heal and he blessed the doctors they would have fresh eyes to look at the results and be able to find the answers.


With faith all things happen for good. What do people do without God in their lives. I would be lost. I am not saying that because I know the power and influence I have in my life because of Him. I am saying I receive great comfort in the knowledge that He is there to help me, to direct me, to watch out for me, to comfort me, to walk with me and to carry me.

I am relieved that it isn't a brain tumor, a worse heart condition then he already has or seizures. Even though this is a something to get used to it is much better then the previous.


Leesa said...

Wow - this is good information to know. Jason passes out every once in awhile and Doctors haven't been able to pinpoint the problem.

karen said...

Thank goodness for the diagnosis. I find I can face anything once I know what I'm facing. I've been praying for you and your family.