Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 109

Nicole's surgery today went well. Dr. Saffle finished up her left arm and her left leg. Also put a few stitches in her stoma to stimulate it to finish closing up. My hope is the graphs will stick and the next surgery will be next week and those graphs will stick. Then complete healing to occur with her graph sites, her donors sites and everything else she is dealing with.

After surgery was very traumatic for her. It took the nurse 3 hours to get the pain under control. I don't get why it takes so long. I wish I could have been there to comfort her. Sometimes when we are in pain just the touch of our mother can make the pain more bearable.

I know her healing will rapidly progress once we get her home. I will be able to use the cold laser on her and that I know will dramatically change the healing process for the good. I hope when we take her in they will acknowledge how much she has healed and realize we are only wanting to do that therapy because it is for the greater good of Nicole.

Christian for the most part is doing better. He still has a few hours each day when he feels weird. I hope this is regulated soon. He is bored staying home. Not a lot to do when you are the only one home for days on end.

He did get to work on his Hot-Rod for a few hours. It is a Magnum SRT-8. He just put in a new super fast engine pus it is super charged. It really purrs.

I started driving our second moving truck to UT today. ME! driving a 26 foot long, 12 foot high truck. I was pretty sure I could do it and when I started out I learned how easy it was. Well as easy as a 26 foot truck can be. Me and Toka driving along. We had our food and water all tucked in the cab and a blanket for her to sleep on.

I did get a little more than half way before I pulled over and got a hotel.

God has really put us on a path. I know the road map is written, I just pray I can read it. I was thinking about that when I was driving today. I have driven to and from Kansas countless times. I know the way forward and backward. When I was driving in several places it was very foggy. Even though I knew the road, a few times I was unsure of where I was. I knew the 'path' but was just trying to stay on it. I knew Heavenly Father wouldn't let anything happen because I was doing what I was supposed to. Taking our belonging to UT so I could be there to support Nicole and Christian. I know at this time of our life that is the plan. It is not the easiest plan but we are following it anyway. Soon the fog dissipated and the 'path' was clear. I continued on my way contemplating what had just happened.

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