Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 103

Dreary in Wichita and going to dreary Salt Lake City. I just spoke to Nicole who has had a great day. She reported PT worked her HAARRDDD. That is the only way she will be strong enough to get home. She needs to push herself to be able to accomplish all that she wants.

I am glad she is using the shower chair still and has not had a down turn so that it requires the tank room table. I think she is much happier on the chair. She is learning to wash herself. I will be needing to get a shower chair for her. I am thinking of changing out the shower head in our shower for a wand one. It will be easier for her to use as she will be needing to use our shower.

Did I tell you I am starting to stock pile supplies for when she comes home. I believe it will help me when she comes home so I don't have to run and get things. I made an inventory of things I am anticipating as far as supplies.

I have also made my list for Christmas. I will be starting shopping for that next week. Wrapping also. I want it all ready before Nicole comes home. I may not have the time after she is home to do those things. My list for baking is growing also. I love to bake at Christmas time. I am sad my baker helper will not be helping me this year but it will be fun anyway. AND...I will get to lick ALL the bowls. Yea for me!

We still don't have any news on Christian. many more tests were ordered. 5 doctors are working to solve this problem. Records have been sent from Wichita to Salt Lake City from his previous cardiologist. I pray for his comfort. I pray for him to have peace. I know it isn't easy for him. He has never been in a hospital since he was born.

My flight out of Wichita has been delayed 4 hours. I hope I can make my connection in Denver. I don't need another over night in Denver. Besides, my overnight buddy Lisa won't be with me to keep me company. And I don't have a blanket. The airport there is so cold.

I know we are strengthen by the opportunities that come our way. Yes, I said opportunities. These opportunities give us strength, perseverance, perspective, guidance, shelter in His bosom, experience and preservation.


Leesa said...

Oh I HOPE you made your connection. I'll never forget how cold that airport was - and that was summertime!!
Definitely call me when you get back to Wichita. I miss you!

Jeanne said...

What can I do to help? I am pretty handy at fixing things. If you need anything prepared for Nicole at home, please let me help.

Tom Faucheux 407-6199