Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 108

We have packed the truck up so tight not a tiny thing will fit in there now. I will be leaving in the morning for the drive to Salt Lake City. Gary said it took him 21 hours. I hope it takes me that or less. His truck only went 60-65 and I hope mine will go at least 65. I have driven a big truck like that before but not that far. Good thing I have an I-Pod.

Nicole's day was another good day. Surgery tomorrow. Left arm and the rest of the right thigh. If all goes well surgery in 7 days again. I hope so. I just want her home. So many thoughts weigh on my mind about her coming home. I know I have taken care of her before in a dire situation for months, I hope I can this time. I know Heavenly Father will help me all I need to do is ask.

Like today for example. I lost my phone. I couldn't find it anywhere. I was more worried that i would be traveling all the way back to UT with no phone. Well after looking every place I could think of I said a short prayer. I was sitting in the cab of the truck. I got out and started walking toward the van. The thought came into my head. Look in the garbage can. Really? well I did. It was in there. I had thrown it away with a few things earlier. God is amazing.

Christian slid backwards a little himself today. More chest pain and nausea. I hope this is the med for him. I wish he were here with me.

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