Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 99

Even though the CT scan didn't show anything in the night Nicole is off food and water by mouth in case something is wrong and they have to operate. Dr. Saffle is keeping a close watch on her. Her has been in 3 times today to check on her. The pain in her abdomen has still not gone away.

Nicole has not been able to get out of bed today except for going to the restroom. No PT, No wound care.

I can tell she doesn't feel good at all. Her eyes don't dance, there is no fiestiness in her today. Eyes are very telling you know. You can say many things with your eyes. Some people can see deep in your eyes clear to you soul.

Since we are leaving to go to Kansas tomorrow, we stopped by Christian's TX Roadhouse for dinner. We love that place. Good food for a fair price. We have had many good steaks there but tonight I have to say it was the best steak. John's said his was too. Even though we only were able to see Christian for a few minutes if was still nice.

I will be gone for 9 days moving the rest of our stuff to UT. It will seem like forever to be away from Nicole. And now that I have been in UT for over 3 months it will be hard to leave Christian too. Even though he is 24 it has been so nice to have him close. He has been a rock to me. I may not see him everyday, but I know he is not far if I need him.

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