Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 97

Walking into the unit tonight I had a new appreciation for 'someone always has it worse than you.' A new patient arrived yesterday. He is burned more severe than Nicole. He also doesn't have any family near by. I can't imagine someone going through this ordeal with no family. I am going to ask if we can pay him a visit tomorrow to let him know he is not alone.

Nicole is able to sit in a chair for a few hours a day. PROGRESS! She was sitting in the chair when John and I arrived tonight eating mashed potatoes. I think she is going to turn into a mashed potato OR a glass of milk.

Nicole is now able to use the restroom. Tonight not only did she walk there to use it but she also walked to the PT room and back. That may not seem like much but that is huge. She is bent over because she is so tight and her legs don't bend too well so she looks like a robot walking down the hall but for us it is music to our eyes. At first she wanted to hold my hand but after getting going she let go and walked about 20 steps by herself. AMAZING!

I am so proud of the progress she is making.

I look around me and I see many people and the struggles they have. Yes, we have struggles but I know I have been blessed with the health and strength I need to weather through this. I know Heavenly Father has blessed me with the health and stamina to think clear to make decisions, strength to get up and face the day, love to fight for my children, happiness to laugh when I just can't do it anymore and joy to see the positive in all things.


Nikki said...

Nicole is doing so awesome! YAY for her strength and faith in herself! I am so happy for you that you have some hope and joy! Love you Angi

scraps said...

Yeah, I love the good days!!!!!

Katie said...

I'm so glad Nicole is making great progress!!! I think about your family often.