Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 92

What an amazing harvest moon last night. It was one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. You are probably saying they all look the same but I beg to differ. This one had all the other ones beat.

Wyoming is so cold today with a North wind blowing. I didn't bring my coat or John's. I hope we don't break down.

We pulled into our driveway at 12:30 pm. What a great drive it was. It didn't seem long at all. 15 and a half hours. We hurried and unloaded our van and set up our clinic so we could see a patient that had been in a car accident. He showed up right as we were doing the last little things. Perfect timing.

After, John dressed for General Priesthood meeting and we left to go see Nicole. She was so happy to see John. What a bright face she had on. I have to wear a mask today because I started a cough and now have laryngitis. I talk about like Nicole today. Very squeaky.

Many good things happened for Nicole today.

1. De-canulated That is so awesome. No more trach.
2. No Foley. Mostly because she has another UTI.
She will be using a bed side commode.
3. PT was great. Another 4 hours.
4. Nicole's back is looking better and better.
5. Tapioca...Her fav. My mom made some and brought it to her.
6. Double portions of mashed potatoes and gravy.
7. All the milk she can drink.
8. And...of course...a visit from mom and dad.

When I saw her it felt like I hadn't seen her in days and it was only 48 hours. John was able to stay for about an hour before he left to meet his brother-in-law, Rich, and 4 of his nephews. one of which (John) was able to get my John a ticket to the Conference Center. John was so grateful to be able to spend that time with all of them. He doesn't get to do that often and he said he couldn't remember when the last time he attended Priesthood with family.

After my allotted 2 hours, I came home and made me some dinner. Caught up on the blog and I am now waiting to see our friends that are staying with us for the weekend to come home. Dale, Noah and Natalie are from Arizona via Wichita. Too bad Teri couldn't come with them. They had a very busy day shopping and attending conference this morning. I know they are tired because they didn't get in until the wee hours of the morning.

I have to tell you a cute conference story. The first time we took Christian and Nicole to the Tabernacle for conference my sister, Dawn, was in town. She is living in Washington. She brought a bear with her that is a traveling bear. It even comes with its own suitcase with clothes for most occasion. People take it places and the take pictures of the bear in those places. When the bear returns they show the pictures off. That bear had been all over the world.

When my sister found out we were going to Temple Square she wanted us to take the bear and take a few pictures. Well, he didn't have a suit to wear so my mom made him one. Complete with a tie. We took pictures all over the square. By the Christus, inside the tabernacle, in a flower bed, by the fountains and with some Sister Missionaries. It was pretty fun. When we returned home, 'Bear" had another new outfit. My sisters husband was going fly fishing the next day so my mom made him a fly fishing vest and they tied him a very small fly to put on it.

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