Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 107

Yesterday my brother-in-law Gary flew to Wichita to drive our moving truck to Utah. What a save that was for me until John called me about an hour before Gary landed and told me not everything will fit in one truck so I still had to fly to Wichita to drive another truck. I can't believe we have so much stuff. I knew we had a big house and a lot of stuff by I never imagined that it was this much. (Tim, I owe you a steak dinner. You were right)

So today early I flew to Wichita just in time to eat dinner with our friends, Pete and Linda. It was great. So nice to be greeted by a home cooked meal. Thanks so much.

John and I started right in getting the rest of the stuff ready to load the truck tomorrow. The truck place didn't have a truck for us until Monday. Not much sleep for me but even less for John.

Nicole had a terrific day. She bathed herself as well as took her own bandages off. I am so proud of her. She is working hard to do what is asked of her. PT is still grueling.

Christian's is home and resting as best as he can. He is so bored. I don't blame him. I told him he should enroll in a class online. He is really chomping to get back to work but that won't happen for at least a week. So glad he is home.

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