Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 116

My list has begun. Before I arrived at the hospital I had checked off 5 things! As you know my list was 85 long and now it is about 100 long. Happy was I when I has accomplished 5 things. When I see the bold black line through the note I start feeling a ruch of satisfaction. 5 down 95 go.

Nicole and I were able to go on a stroll today. We went to the cafeteria. She got a pumpkin hot chocolate (which is my favorite). It smelled so good. She said it was fantastic. The small things in life are the best. We took that Hot Chocolate to the big bridge window of the hospital and I parked her in the sun where she enjoyed the warmth through the window.

There is a great view of the valley. It is also the flight path of the helicpters coming in for a landing. We just talked. It is so nice to be away from the unit.

PT has been going well as has wound care. Nicole is back to the shower chair and helping herself as bests as she can.

Christian didn't get the okay to go back to work. 2 more weeks at least. More tests were done yesterday also. Hoping there is a puzzle piece missing that can be found. The medications are not working like they thought they would. There has to be another missing link.

I know he is frustrated. He has always been so strong and outgoing. To see him under the weather is frustrating for both of us. For me, I can only support him. There really isn't much else to do. I wish there was.

I was able to mark 3 more things off my list after the hospital. YEAY!

Tonight, our home was BOO'D. A friendly ghost delivered a trick or treat bucket with a sweet message and a sweet treat to our door. Ran the bell and floated away. I was so excited to have those treats. We have never had something like that before. Thank you.

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