Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 90

Today should have been our discharge date. I can't believe it has already been 90 days. Does it really seem like that. They days all mesh together for me.

I loved, loved, loved today. While I was in the unit the speech team came in. I was so surprised because I had been told earlier that they would come back until Friday or Monday. They came to put a camera in Nicole's throat to see how she was swallowing. I am so glad I was there. I was able to see how it all works.

They brought in different foods. Milk (her favorite), Applesauce (her other favorite), Thickened Milk (YUCK) Ice Chips and Graham Crackers. All were dyed green so it could be seem on the camera. First she tried ice chips. that went well. Next was thicken milk. Good too. Then came the applesauce. Nicole swallowed and it went right where it was supposed to go. Milk was last. It wash all that was left down. SHE PASSED. Hooray! She is now able to eat soft foods like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, pudding, jello, ice cream. And of course applesauce. She was so happy and I was elated. One step closer to going home.

I feel like the 2 hours I get to spend with Nicole just flies by. I don't know how many more days I can do this. I hope that our Monday meeting accomplishes something.

Nicole's PT was also great today. She took 2 steps without the help of a walker or someone holding her. Landmarks today. I just love her.

Tonight John and Alicia (nephew and niece) invited me to there home to have dinner and spend some time with them and their two darling boys. I was so happy to be there with them. They are awesome. I love to feel of their spirit and the spirit in their home. Dinner was delish and the company was awesome. Thanks for having me over.

Well, I have to get up early tomorrow to fly to KS. I am so happy to see John tomorrow. I thought I would have some time to get some stuff done but it doesn't look like it now. Our billing software stopped working a few days ago and when the company downloaded a newer version it wiped out our billing. And our back up was corrupt. I will have to dive into that when I get there.
I hope we can get our billing back. Sad for us.

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